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AG0013 - Lesser Burdock
(by Art G)

(The copyright signature will not appear on the final printed product)
This print is available (UK only) in the following sizes:

36" x 24" Canvas (no border) - £74.99
24" x 16" Canvas (no border) - £54.99
18" x 12" Canvas (no border) - £39.99

*All canvases come with a 20mm frame and reversed edge as standard.
24" x 16" Giclee Print (plus 2" border) - £56.99

15" x 10" Giclee Print (plus 1.5" border) - £41.99
12" x 8" Welsh slate (no border) - £34.99

(free P&P in UK)

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This photo was shot outdoors at Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve in a sheltered spot by the side of the activity centre, at the beginning of August when the sun was still pretty high in the sky. The background was several feet behind the Burdock so I was able to use an aperture of f/11 to ensure the flowers were sharp throughout, combined with metering on the brightest parts of the leaves where they were lit from the sun being directly overhead, I was able to isolate the flower completely from the dark hedges behind and thus ensure a completely black background.

The name Burdock derives from 2 words - the latin word 'burra' meaning lock of wool and the English word 'dock' which refers to the huge leaves. The burra part of the name may be in reference to the fact that sheep and other animals would often find these burrs snagging on their coats. Lesser Burdock is believe to be the inspiration for the invention of Velcro as Swiss engineer George De Mestral was removing said burrs from his dogs fur and noticed the loops and hooks and reaslied they could be replicated to good effect.

Since the middle ages Burdock is believed to be valuable in the treatment of several diseased and other common ailments. There are four species of Burdock but it is only the Greater and Lesser Burdock which are cultivated specifically for their herbal properties - almost all parts of the Burdock plant are used either for medical or culinary purposes.

Burdock roots contain both vitamin C and E, folic acid, riboflavin and niacin in addition to several important minerals: iron, manganese, magnesium and small amounts of zinc, calcium and phospherous. The Burdock herb is used in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as a digestive stimulant, and various throat and chest ailments. In Japan is it locally known as 'Gobo' and is made into a soup which is believed to prevent cancer, cure diabetes and low blood pressure, and overcome hangovers.

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