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AG0020 - Orange Balsam
(by Art G)

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Orange Balsam was found on the bank of the canal path just south of Titchfield towards Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve. Whilst it does not grow here in abundance it can be found in several places out of reach of dogs and their owner on the bank farthest from the footpath. The best place to see this plant here is about half a mile or so down the path from the car park at the north end of the canal.

Listed as 'Walk Ten' on the Fareham Borough Council website, the only car park with direct access to the canal path is to be found just off Bridge Street, where there is sufficient parking for around a dozen cars - don't worry it doesn't get too busy. Bing Map Link: https://binged.it/2jCK5HF. It is possible to reach the canal path from the larger car park at Meon Shore, but it takes about 30 minutes and requires some walking along a narrow road, which I wouldn't recommend unles you are also visiting the Nature Reserve.

The walk recommended by Fareham Borough Council heads south along the canal path for around 2 km's, then after a quick right turn heads north along country lane and through fields. The path can get flooded in come areas during bad weather, but is not too bad if it the water has had time to soak in. I would however avoid the return path through the fields during the winter months and nistead choose to double back along the canal path. Link to Walk Ten info page: http://www.fareham.gov.uk/leisure/out_and_about_in_fareham/guidedwalk10.aspx

For those heading out with a camera, there is a variety of flora along the canal path including Teasels, Hemp Agrimony, Rough Hawks Beard, Cow Parsley, Marsh Woundwort, Bull Thistle's, Creeping Thistle's, Great Willowherb and of course Orange Balsam. These wildflower obviously do attract insects and there is certainly not shortage down here, with Comma Butterflies being particularly prevalent, but you will also see both Peacock  and Small Heath Butterflies, and lots of Honey Bee's feeding on the flora.

Towards the south end of the path, the canal widens and you will see plenty of dragonflies, and if you are patient the occasional Water Vole. Along the return path through the fields you may be lucky and spot Roe Deer, which tend to head south in the morning and make their return journey in late afternoon or early evening. Whilst I tend to stay away during winter, I would recommend a visit any time between March and October - Enjoy!

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