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AG0081 - Silene Coeli-Rosa
(by Art G)

(The copyright signature will not appear on the final printed product)
This print is available (UK only) in the following sizes:

36" x 24" Canvas (no border) - £74.99
24" x 16" Canvas (no border) - £54.99
18" x 12" Canvas (no border) - £39.99

*All canvases come with a 20mm frame and reversed edge as standard.
24" x 16" Giclee Print (plus 2" border) - £56.99

15" x 10" Giclee Print (plus 1.5" border) - £41.99
12" x 8" Welsh slate (no border) - £34.99

(free P&P in UK)

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Silene Coeli-Rosa, or Rose of Heaven is a flowering plant in the carnation family Caryophyllaceae. Silene can be annuals, biennials or herbaceous or evergreen perennials, with opposite, untoothed leaves and solitary or clustered flowers with 5, usually notched petals and are often grown in gardens as an ornamental plant.

This particular example was photographed in a miniature wildflower meadow at Trafalgar Court, in Fareham. A quiet sheltered residential corner of town, Trafalgar Court has been an annual entrant of local and national "In Bloom" competitions, and recently earned a Gold Award and Best Sheltered Housing Trophy in "Britain in Bloom".

The legwork for the community gardens is down to the dedication of local resident John Elsey, but the passion is shared by many both within the estate itself and friends around Fareham. To find out more about this community garden please visit them on Facebook HERE.


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