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HG0109 - Astrantia
(by Helen George Photography)

(The copyright signature will not appear on the final printed product)
This print is available (UK only) in the following sizes:

36" x 24" Canvas (no border) - £74.99
24" x 16" Canvas (no border) - £54.99
18" x 12" Canvas (no border) - £39.99

*All canvases come with a 20mm frame and reversed edge as standard.
24" x 16" Giclee Print (plus 2" border) - £56.99

15" x 10" Giclee Print (plus 1.5" border) - £41.99
12" x 8" Welsh slate (no border) - £34.99

(free P&P in UK)

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Astrantias, also known as Hattie's pincushion or Masterwort, are charming perennials with branched heads of neat pincushion flowers surrounded by a ruff of greenish white bracts in Summer.

Astrantias are stunning and photogenic flowers, they are decorative and I love to grow a variety of them to capture their serene beauty.

The name Astrantia derives from the Latin ‘Aster’ meaning star and this refers to the open star-shaped floral bracts of the plant.

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