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HG0138 - Wildflowers and Pollinator
(by Helen George Photography)

(The copyright signature will not appear on the final printed product)
This print is available (UK only) in the following sizes:

36" x 24" Canvas (no border) - £74.99
24" x 16" Canvas (no border) - £54.99
18" x 12" Canvas (no border) - £39.99

*All canvases come with a 20mm frame and reversed edge as standard.
24" x 16" Giclee Print (plus 2" border) - £56.99

15" x 10" Giclee Print (plus 1.5" border) - £41.99
12" x 8" Welsh slate (no border) - £34.99

(free P&P in UK)

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A floral arrangement of cut wildflowers from my garden meadow. The arrangement includes Lady’s Bedstraw, one of my favourites with its strong meadow fragrance that evokes memories of times past.

Wildflower meadows have been disappearing from our landscape over many years but in recent times their importance for wildlife has become an issue over the concern for our disappearing wildlife. More people are now creating small meadows in their gardens and with that comes the wildlife such as bee’s, butterflies, hoverflies, moths, and other insects who are again finding a home. Creating your own wildflower mini-meadow is immensely rewarding, and not just for the invertebrates!

The Wildlife Trusts state “nearly all of our wildflower meadows have disappeared as farming practices have changed and towns and villages have expanded to swallow up flower-rich fields. Luckily some farmers and conservation charities work hard to maintain these precious species-rich habitats.”

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