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KB0036 - GWR 5322
(by Clickety Pics)

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GWR Steam Locomotive 5322 a general purpose 2-6-0 locomotive which was built at Swindon in 1917 and is one of many locos sent to France during the Great War to assist with the transport of supplies to the front line.

Only 2 of the class (5322 and 7325) of which 342 were built survive to this day with one example being at Didcot Railway centre and is the older of the two surviving examples

Like many others of her type along with many different types 5322 ended up at Woodham Bros of Barry to meet its fate with the cutters torch at the scrap metal merchants after the Beeching report, however salvation came 5322s way when an enthusiast (or enthusiasts!) rescued the Loco through some persistent negotiations.

The loco was towed to Caerphilly and restored out in the open by a small team of dedicated enthusiasts to running order in 1969 and eventually ended up at Didcot some time in the 1970's. 5322 is still there today but as far as I know is not currently in running order.

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