Lens Art

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Helen George Photography:

I am a published flower and nature photographer based in London. Horticulture is in my blood and growing flowers is my passion. As a consequence of that I decided to photograph the flowers I grow, which turned into another passion, flower and nature photography. Most of the flowers I photograph are from my own garden which over the years has turned into a wildlife haven, gardening for wildlife is also another one of my passions. All my images are straight from the camera with only basic editing to achieve the finished look.

Abstract Wall Art        
HG0091 - Oil and Water        

Flower Wall Art        
HG0084 - Pasqueflower   HG0086 - Winter White   HG0088 - Spring Blossom
HG0095 - Tulips   HG0100 - Smooth Lines   HG0102 - A Different Perspective
HG0104 - Flower Bowl   HG0107 - Love in a Mist   HG0109 - Astrantia
HG0113 - Wildflowers   HG0115 - Lilies   HG0116 - Raindrops
HG0121 - Echinacea   HG0122 - Rudbeckia   HG0123 - Summer Garden
HG0125 - Clematis Fond Memories        

Lens Art