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AG0117 - Sea Trials
(Art G)

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Thousands of people gathered along the sea walls at Gosport and Old Portsmouth to watch Britain's supercarrier 'Queen Elizabeth' leaving her home port for the first time, to begin her second set of sea trials. The carrier was due to spend a month at sea around the south-west of the United Kingdom testing out its radar, communications and other technical equipment, and to test how how air across the flight deck would affect take off and landing.

Four tugboats were used to help guide Queen Elizabeth through the narrow entrance to Portsmouth Harbour, and she is seen here shortly after while passing the War Memorial at Southsea Common. This photograph was taken from the sea wall nr HMS Dolphin in Gosport using a 200mm focal length, and was later converted to this colourful digital artwork before part of the sky was cropped out of the resulting image you now see.

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