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AGA101010 - Manarola Restaurant
(by Art G)

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Manarola Restaurant or more properly known as Marina Piccola Ristorante, is a waterfront Michelin starred seafood restaurant with seating for up to 100 people in the outdoor verranda area and an adidtional 50 seats inside. Situated on the inside of the path which leads around the cliff and to assorted terraces above for spectaclar views of the Ligurian coastline and the village of Manarola.

Walking along the path I was so captivated by the scenery and the view across the sea that I actually missed the restaurant on the way up, and if I am honest on the way down my eyes were on the beautiful coloured houses of Manarola, that I almost missed it again. Luckily my missus is a bit slower than me and I paused to wait right outside the restaurant, which was actually totally deserted at this time of the morning.

Looking into the verranda, the first thing I noticed was the stone wall 4 tables away from me, and the way the colouring complimented the glasses with their slight hint of blue.  I tried this shot at various apertures but this was the most pleasing with focus purely on the glasses in front and the cutlery and glasses in the background thrown out sufficiently enough to provide some interest without being a distraction.

Back to Manarola itself , which is the oldest of the 5 towns in the Cinque Terre - San Lorenzo church dates back to 1338. It's primary industries have traditionally been fishing and wine making, with the local wine 'Schiacchetra' being especially renowned - well worth a glass or two when you visit.

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